Meghan Ashley, LPC, Behavior Specialist

Hey Ya'll! It's Meghan here with another course to help you overworked Autism parents find peace in your home.

The Blueprint to Behavior

If you dream of the day when you can go anywhere and do anything with your Autistic child and you both can feel comfortable and happy, then this course is for you.

You will learn how to evaluate what your child needs in any environment and how to best help them help themselves. You will also learn the fundamentals building blocks of behavior so that you can evaluate what is driving your kid to do what they do. Knowing the fundamentals help you predict and guide the behavioral experiences of your child so that they are less overwhelmed and less reactive to their environments.

This is what Autism parents have been searching for.

The course is full of straight up information that sets you on your way to customizing the experiences around you for your family's comfort.

It's the blueprint to how to be a better Autism parent to your beautiful Autistic baby.

It fills the gap between what your child learns in therapies and at school and how you can continue their success at home with you.

It's the answer to the question: What am I supposed to do to get this right?

What's the Benefit?

This course is not a substitute for therapies that you or your child participate in. Instead it enhances the knowledge you gain 100 times over by applying it to your lives and showing you how to continue applying it.

For less than the cost of one therapy session, you get a lifetime of useful information to use for any behavior you encounter.

I am not telling you what to do in the course. I am teaching you to understand what you need to do in every situation imaginable.

That is so much more valuable.

From Accommodations Lecture

".....Accommodations need to be appropriate to the situation and helpful to your child.


Noise canceling headphones don't fix it all.

You will need more than that....."

From Understanding Functions and ABC's Lecture

"...I'm so proud of you for doing this family introspection work.

I know it will pay off for your child to feel more at home in their own family when people start to see what they see...."

From The Sketch Set Up For Success Lecture

"...Let's be honest, how many times did you just want your kid to "behave" without caring to understand what set them off in the first place?

We have all been there. Give yourself some grace, then promise to do better and give them what they need to be successful instead of wanting them to be successful without the tools they require for success.

Know better, do better...."

This course is not a quick fix for the issues you and your child face with their behaviors.

This course is a step towards a long term solution for your family to adapt to Autism.

The tools you learn are able to be used over and over until you and your child feel comfortable and happy with each other.

Custom made support

Feeling overwhelmed and alone in your parenting journey? Find support with a course that addresses your specific and unique needs. Real problems need real solutions and this course gives you the solutions. No more guessing what may work for your kid. You will be able to know what they want and need from you.

You gotta make some changes

If you want your child's behaviors to change, you have to go first. This is not all on them to fix. To get to the peaceful place you have to change the way respond to your child. right. now.

Grow into the parent you want to be

That parent at the store who has well behaved and happy children doesnt have it easy. They make it look easy and they have done hours of prepping and planning to be "that parent". Every parent has obstacles to overcome to feel like "that parent", Autism parents just have different obstacles. The course teaches you how to adapt to Autism and push those obstacles aside.

What you get with the course:

  • PDF’s to input your family’s specific information that allows you to customize the solutions to your needs

  • Straightforward material that walks you through assessing your child's needs and giving the support you need to create accommodations, tool kits, interventions, a family plan and more.

  • Real world examples to test your knowledge and real life solutions to take the guess work out of getting started.

  • The information never expires of goes out of date. You can return to the course whenever a new behavior arises and get the same help to get you through again and again.

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