"A Hot Girl is a Healed Girl.."

I love the idea of a Hot Girl Summer. It conjures an image in my mind of happy, free, confident women living their best lives. Ultimately a hot girl is a healed girl. That freedom to love yourself fully comes from your level of mental and emotional wellness.

Welcome to the Healed Girl Summer Series where we you can join any of the 7 book focused discussions. If you like learning concepts by jumping in and trying them then these discussions are for you. If you like the help in self-help but I don't like the do-it-by-yourself part then you will love the group format that allows for a space to collaborate and learn from others.

Hey you! I'm so proud of you. You picked up a self help book are committed to working on yourself. Good for you!


Working on yourself by yourself can be a tall task though. There is no one to bounce these new ideas off of. At some point the book gets kinda dry and you struggle to take away life changing info when you haven't practiced how to apply it.

Enter Group book discussions.

We read the book chapter by chapter and dig further into the healing by learning curated therapeutic exercises that go along with the text.

This is not your regular book club.

Led by Meghan Ashley, Licensed professional counselor and 5 year professor of psychology and student success, are virtual psycho-educational experiences like no other. Meghan is a behavior specialist so expect to try new things that can cause a change of perspective, actions, and understanding about yourself.

**These groups are not a replacement for therapy even though therapeutic education will take place.**

Group held via zoom every Monday 4p-6p starts July 10th ends August 14th. Replay available the day after group session.

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About the Book:

How to Handle a Narcissist: Understanding and Dealing with a Range of Narcissistic Personalities

""How to Handle a Narcissist" is an expertly informed guide to help you understand, handle and heal from dealing with narcissistic people in your life. This eye-opening book gives you, the reader, clarity and awareness so that you can handle any situation involving narcissists in a healthy way. It is particularly suited to those who have been the target of gaslighting, or other techniques that reduce the recipient's ability to maintain their objectivity.

The author is very careful to avoid rhetoric that encourages you to view yourself as a victim and instead, she uniquely deals in empowerment and objectivity. You will move forward into a better position, equipped with expert knowledge and the feeling of being informed, grounded and confident in yourself.

Research shows that the vast majority of people display healthy narcissistic tendencies, with the purpose of maintaining and promoting healthy self-esteem. However, abusive, manipulative and haughty characteristics form part of a pattern of extreme narcissism that should not be accepted.

Two quizzes will guide you to determine where the individual sits on the narcissistic scale for both healthy and extreme narcissism.

You'll learn to identify and dissect all kinds of narcissistic reactions, coping mechanisms and narcissistic supply- both healthy and extreme- so that you can determine exactly what kind of narcissistic traits you're dealing with. and create a simple plan of action for moving forward into the future, for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

Narcissists can definitely make our lives decidedly hellish, but by understanding them and following a simple plan we can take back control of our boundaries and our lives and feel confident that we're "doing the right thing" when dealing with these harmful personalities.

Whether the narcissistic person in your life is your partner, family member, friend or co-worker, this book will help you take action for the better, and heal." -From Book Description on Amazon